Yin He Dance is a nonprofit organization whose programs promote Chinese dance in the Greater Chicago area. We work towards this mission through three main programs, the professional performing company, a school of dance, and community partnerships. Through these three programs, we hope to build new avenues of cultural dialogue and most importantly, share the joy of dance with all communities.



In 2011, Dollie Diaz, Angela Tam, and Amy Xie met as members of Chinese dance teacher Qiuyue Jin’s Xiao Xing Xing/Little Star Dance Troupe, a pre-professional performing group. Over the years, they each pursued different life paths, but continued to come together over their love for Chinese dance, even after Xiao Xing Xing disbanded. As they grew older, they slowly matured as dancers and as individuals and eventually formed Yin He Dance in 2016. Yin He (银河) means Milky Way in Chinese.