Yin He Dance offers a variety of classes for students of all ages and levels taught by experienced instructors. Our studio is rooted in Chicago's Chinese American community and offers classes that reflect  our heritage and diversity.

Yin He Dance Center is located at 547 W 31st Street between Wallace and Parnell in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.  For more information, contact us at info@yinhedance.org. Ask about a free trial class!

Schedule  |  Fall 2018  |  September 04  -  November 19

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Pricing &


Fall Session
$100/course (10 weeks)

Winter Session
$100/course (10 weeks)

Spring Session
$120/course (12 weeks)

A student recital is tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 15, 2019. Please save the date!

September 4 - November 19
no class 9/25-9/30, 11/12

November 26 - February  25
no class 12/22 - 1/6, 1/21, 2/5-2/8, 2/18

March 9 - June 9
no class 4/13 - 4/21, 5/27

A 10% discount is available for student who enroll in more than one course and for families with more than one child enrolled. Limit one discount per child.

Over and under, backwards and forwards, everywhere we go! Learn somersaults, cartwheel, walkovers, and even flips and aerials for advanced students. Develop strength, muscle control, and flexibility - perfect for children who love to be upside down.

In this introductory course, students are introduced to barre-work and ballet vocabulary through structured exercises design to develop strength, flexibility, and musicality.  Students will learn body alignment, muscle control, as well as proper class etiquette. Ballet provides a foundation for many dance forms including Chinese classical dance.

Chinese Dance
Keep your little ones active through Chinese Folk Dance! Students will learn basic shapes and gestures found in Chinese dance and ballet as well as basic tumbling skills and floor exercises that support healthy motor development. Props may be introduced in level II. Basic barre-work is introduced in level IV.

Chinese Classical Barre and Technique Training
Class begins with barre warm-up and focuses on proper body alignment and use of legs and feet. Students also work on various advanced forms of jumping , spinning, and other skills.

Chinese Classical Dance for Performance
Both delicate and strong, classical Chinese dance features intricate gestures, circular motions, and use of breathe stemming from  Chinese movement traditions such as ancient court dance, tai chi,  Chinese opera as well as ballet.

Chinese Folk Dance
Learn to dance with silk fans, drums, and even bowls and spoons! In China, there are 56 official indigenous ethnic groups each with their own form of dance. Many of these forms also vary from region to region. Folk dance from China's temperate southern provinces differ greatly to those found in China's predominantly Muslim west and chilly north.

Creative Movement
Creative Movement covers basic dance concepts such as pointing and flexing of feet and body awareness with a focus on building strength and flexibility while also encouraging creative play

Hip Hop
One of the most popular forms of dance today, hip hop can be found everywhere on stage or screen. Dance to the latest hits in this high-energy class that's sure to have your child moving and grooving like a popstar.

Kpop is similar to hip hop, but influenced by culture and trends in east Asia. Learn the latest dances from popular mvs by some of the biggest Korean popstars such as BTS , Seventeen, or Twice.

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